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Spring Delicacy for All - THANDAI


The Dol / Holi, which falls in the month of Phalgun, is a celebration of the end of winter and the arrival of a fertile spring symbolizing fresh and new life. Thandai is one of the traditional Indian drinks and especially prepared for the Holi and Maha-Shivratri event. In the northern provinces of our country, temperatures are rising sharply during these months. Therefore, to soften our body temperature Thandai is taken while playing March heat.

Hub of Thandai

Thandai culture is very common in North India. Banaras (now Varanasi) is called the hub for thandai. This is so as Banarasis are said to have a love of milk-based drinks and of all the drinks thandai is said to be the most special.


The Culture of Love and Use:

Source : Myfoodstory

As a beverage, thandai is believed to have originated during the mythological period. It was Lord Shiva's favorite drink. Bhang-infused Thandai was first given to Lord Shiva and is also popular during the Mahashivratri era. The first records of Thandai date back to 1000 BC, making it one of the oldest drinks in the world. People often mix bhang (a hallucinogen agent) in thandai, especially during Holi, to make it intoxicating. When paired with a bhang, thandai acts as a set mood and makes a person sing, dance and have a good time. The spoon of bhang in thandai makes a difference in the world. Bhang mixed with milk, ice cream and ice cream added to thandai to produce kicking. While some rejoice happily others become depressed as hell. Caution is required when taking a bhang thandai as an overdose may not look good.

Making of Thandai

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It is a common cold drink made with pure water, sugar, watermelon and muskmelon seeds, almonds, lotus seeds, cashew nut, cardamom, saunf, rose-flower, white pepper, saffron and intoxicating bhang. One glass of Thandai contains 340 calories. One glass of Thandai provides about 17% of the average daily calorie intake for a typical adult diet of 2,000 calories.


Many of the ingredients used to make Thandai are known for their health properties. It can elevate emotions and allow you to ride smoothly during difficult times. It is rich in antioxidants, and restores hormones. Most importantly, it is a great digestive aid that restores mucus and gastrointestinal tract.

Almonds - Full of healthy fats and antioxidant nutrients, are a rich source of vitamin E.

Poppy Seeds - Rich in protein, fiber, calcium, fat and minerals, they help eliminate intestinal irritation and boost the immune system, preventing constipation.

Fennel Seeds - Anti-inflammatory properties keep the body cool during the summer, help the digestive system and treat constipation.

Saffron - Antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, digestive, anti-convulsant.

Seeds and pumpkin seeds - They are a natural source of nutrients. These two, along with nuts such as almonds and pistachios, also promote a sense of fullness.

Cardamom - Makes thandai an effective natural remedy. It helps fight infections, eliminates toxins from the body and is very suitable for nausea and vomiting. It is also known to treat cavities and kill germs in the mouth, thereby preventing bad breath and promoting better oxygen delivery.

Spices - Cinnamon, peppercorn and cloves boost the summer's immune system. It can also fight inflammation and fight cancer cells in the body.

Rose petals - Usually thandai also have petals that help cool the body and fennel seeds. This combo also improves the body's digestive health.

In general, thandai contains mishri chemicals that not only sweeten the drink but also prevent and cure infections, colds and flu during the summer.


Thandai is eaten as a refreshment when people are tired of playing holi and throwing themselves into a pool full of colored water. A refreshing and healthy drink, thandai is something that is cold or has a cooling effect. Cooling and circulating water, thandai is ready for use during the warmer months. During those changing seasons, the human immune system is believed to be weaken. Not only does Thandai have fewer calories than regular milkshakes, it is also a healthy alternative to alcohol. It helps to cool the body and improves intestinal health in general.


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