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Sattu - The New Global Superfood

What is Sattu ?

Sattu is prepared by dry roasting of Bengal gram in the sand and then pounding this roasted gram to a powder. This delicious summer coolant is naturally rich in protein and is also good for diabetics. 1

Varieties of Sattu :

Sattu is now a famous and exotic food ingredient that is easily available in different forms like wheat, barley or sorghum (Jowar).2

Health benefits of Sattu :

Sattu has amazing health benefits when consumed on an empty stomach. It reduces problems associated with your stomach and flushes out the toxins from the body. Sattu is a great ingredient to be added in your daily diet if you want to stay fit and disease free. Here are 10 health benefits of Sattu and these are :

1) Natural Summer Cooler : Sattu keeps body hydrated and helps to beat the summer heat.

2) High Nutritional Value : Sattu is rich in high protein, fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium and magnesium.

3) Great for digestion : Sattu has high amounts of insoluble fiber which is great for the intestine. It cleanses the colon, detoxifies and prevents constipation.

4) Helps fight against diseases : Sattu is a low-glycemic index food which is the great option for people with diabetes. It keeps blood sugar levels in control and regulates blood pressure and the high fiber is good for the people who are Hypercholesterolemic.

5) Aids weight loss : Sattu reduces bloating and increases metabolism and thus helps to burn calories effectively.

6) Increases Energy : Sattu stimulates the growth of the Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) in the body and when body has more RBC’s ,body gets more oxygen which provides more energy throughout the day.

7) Good for people with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure.

8) Flushes out toxins : Sattu has detoxifying properties and thus protects you from several health ailments.

9) Increases Appetite : Sattu has potassium and magnesium in it which help to increase appetite.

10) Improves Bowel Movement : Consuming sattu on an empty stomach improves the digestive tract. It has salt, iron and fiber which reduces the problems associated with stomach and improves the bowel movement. 3

Now the most interesting thing is that you can easily make Sattu at home. But how ?

First of all you need to roast the gram (chana) in a wok and then allow it to cool and finely grined the roasted chana with the help of a grinder. Your homemade sattu is ready to use. 4

How can we eat Sattu?

One of the easiest uses of sattu is to make a Sharbat (sweet or salty). But nowadays sattu can be used as different forms and receipes. These are listed below :

1) Sattu Sharbat : It is very popular in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Just mix the sattu powder with water and add pinch of salt and sugar as per taste.

2) Sattu Roti : It is very easy to make just like wheat flour roti. You can add roasted sattu flour to regular wheat flour.

3) Sattu Bati : It is a Rajasthani dish. Sattu Bati is a great accompaniment to chokha. There are 2 varients of chokha- aloo chokha and brinjal chokha. Bati chokha is very satisfying.

4) Sattu Lapsi : Sweet dishes join sattu with natural products, sugar and grains. It is used as stuffing in parathas. In Bihar,sattu is set up with toasted gram flour.

5) Sattu Laddu : It is also a very easy to make just like besan and other laddus, here sattu is the main ingredient of laddoo instead of besan or other stuffs.

6) Sattu Baby Foods: Sattu is easy to digest, organic, unprocessed and authentic Indian food so it is one of the good choice for baby.

7) Sattu Namkeen : Sattu namkeen pairs well with evening tea.

8) Sattu Halwa : Families from Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar used to make Sattu Halwa. It is very easy to make just like Carrot Halwa.

9) Sattu Onion Fritters : Adding sattu makes the fritters tastier. In a bowl add roasted sattu flour, salt,pepper,cumin seeds and mix it well and add water slowly to it and whisk until smooth.Coat the chopped onion in the batter and fry until golden brown.

10) Sattu Bread : Sandwich made from sattu bread are nutritious.

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