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Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Worried about weight? Pre-mature ageing symptoms? Or suffering from insomnia? Lathergy? Stress? And tired with medicines..

Don’t worry. Here is the solution. Let’s drive into the unknown facts about the most natural medicine - FRUITS.

A fruit, has been added in human diet from the beginning of the planet. Fruits are popular for their functional property in human body. They supply the several bioactive factors for maintaining normal healthy life.

1. APPLE (Malus sylvestris)

Photosource : Healthline

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an age old saying and it works even today. Apple is rich in polyphenols such as quercetin, catechin, phloridzin, chlorogenic acid and contains the highest amount of free phenolics, most of which are present in skin. Hence, it is advisable to take apple with skin. Apple catechins are more bioavailable in our body than tea. Its consumption protects from cancer, asthma. Apple has low glycemic index as well as contains good amount of fiber, so it is useful in diabetes , so as CVD, obesity also. Presence of organic acids like malic acid, quinic acid, citric acid, pyruvic acid makes it more beneficial to treat uric acid followed by gout, arthritis. Besides this, an apple is fully loaded with trace elements like selenium, molybdenum, chromium which are proved to keep circulatory and nervous system healthy.

2. KIWI FRUIT (Actinidia sinesis)

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It is a newly added fruit in Indian market. Kiwi, the magic fruit contains omega-3 fatty acid which is rare in fruit. Researches proved that it contains papain, a proteolytic enzyme beneficial for digestion. It is contains pectin, which act like prebiotic , hence keep the gut health always happy. Kiwi is densed with good amount of Vitamin C, E , Folate, Vitamin B6 , minerals like Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc as well as Carotenoids, an important antioxidant, Phenolic compounds which fights with free radicals in our body and prevent various degenerative diseases. It also has immunoprotective function.

3. SAPOTA (Achras sapota)

Photosource: Healthline

It is very popular as “chikoo”. Its important to know about the facts of sapota why to take it in the season. It is high in fiber(10%; with 9% insoluble fiber), so useful for the persons having constipation (works as laxative), obesity, i.e. helps in weight management. It can be consumed by diabetic person in limited amount as it is high in glycemic index but low in glycemic load. Beside this, sapota loaded with good amount of energy, minerals as well as antioxidant like Tannin, Polyphenol.

4. BAEL FRUIT(Aegle marmelos)

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If you are wondering about this unique fruit whether it should be added in your diet or not here is the solution. Yes, you can definitely go for the goodness of this wonder. It is rich in vitamins & minerals such as calcium, iron, specially potassium (600mg) but less in sodium. Hence, good for hypertensive people, as potassium in Bael helps to eliminate sodium through urine and tense the blood vessels. Studies shows that presence of fiber (Mucilage) and Tannin in Bael helps in fighting infections that causes diarrhea. The pulp contains Psoralen, Marmelosin and Polyphenolic compounds. Researches proved that Marmelosin act as a laxative as well as diuretic. Psoralen makes the skin more tolerable against sunlight. The magical fruit also play some magical role in our body like antihyperlipidemic, analgesic, antifungal, anticancerous, antidiabetic.

5. POMEGRANATE (Punicagranatum)

Photosource : Wikipedia

Pomegranate has been used for its medicinal property for over thousand years. It is used as a tonic to treat alimentary diseases like diarrhoea, ulcer etc. High content of antioxidants like Quercetin, Ellagic acid, Anthocyanin which offer protection from heart diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer. It is a natural Aspirin, which prevent formation of blood clot as well as act as a blood thinner. It’s high antioxidant property stimulate WBCs to neutralize toxins therefore keeping the immune system strong. Antimicrobial and anti bacterial property of this fruit reduce microbes found in mouth commonly responsible for cavities. Besides having anti inflammatory (due to high vitamin c content) properties, it also inhibit the action of enzymes which are responsible for damaging cartilages therefore beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis, asthma, sore throat, coughing etc. It is also rich source of Iron , Folic acid hence beneficial to treat anaemia as well as in prenatal care. Researches shows that pomegranate seeds have estrogenic activity, phytoestrogen that helps to balance the hormonal status in female.

6. BER (Ziziphus jujuba)

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It has been the most prominent fruit since Vedic age in India. This is not just a fruit, it has been used as a medicine for over 4,000 years. Adequate sleeping is necessary for cognitive behaviours. Insomnia now a days, is the most chief complaint and jujuba is having hypnotic-sedative & anxiolytic (reduce anxiety) property. According to the recent researches, antioxidants (phenolics) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) content are more abundant in Ber than other fruits.This evergreen fruit is reputed to have antibacterial, anticancer, antiulcer, anti spastic, antifertility / contraceptive, anti-inflammatory properties.

7. BLUE BERRY (Vaccinium corymbosum)

Photosource : Healthline

Blue berry is regarded as functional food. Researches proved that Blueberries have highest antioxidant content when reported as ORAC value compared to 40 others fruits and vegetablesas .It has been shown that probably presence of Pterostilbene improve the blood glucose level and insulin sensitivity as well as reduce LDL level, abdominal fat, hence reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. More recently, researches found this superfood with anti-inflammatory property due to presence of polyphenols. Polyphenols have been linked to improve numerous health benefits including neuro problems like Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease, UTI (urinary tract infection), hepatic disease. Most of the health benefits are due to presence of anthocyanin that give attractive colour of berries. Thus its soup is found to be beneficial for treating diarrhoea. Besides, this is a reservoir of minerals, vitamins also.

8. PHALSA (Grewiaasiatica)

Photosource : Wikipedia

Phalsa fruits are well grown in tropical areas. Phalsa fruit, seed and pulp contains various phytochemicals, hence considered as functional food. It is a rich source of several bioactive compounds like Anthocyanin, Flavonoid, Phenols as well as contains both essential and non-essential amino acids. Phalsa fruit is reputed for its ‘cooling effect’ and relieves thirst. Phalsa fruit reported as a medicine proved for alleviating stomach pain, morning sickness, wound healing, control fever, reduce diabetes , also inflammation and fungal infections.

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